Testimonials from my clients.

These have all been anonymised to protect confidentiality.

"I really valued my time with Laurence and he helped me feel comfortable and in control of the direction of the therapy sessions from the start. I appreciated his openness and was able to come out of my sessions with more clarity and confidence."

"[Laurence] made me feel comfortable and was great."

"Laurence is very knowledgeable and understanding. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is dealing with difficult issues."

"Laurence was easy to talk to and offered new perspectives to approach things."

"I feel I have an entirely different (much more positive) mindset compared to when the sessions started and I've learnt really interesting things about thoughts and feelings."

"I felt that I could talk freely and that I was understood in whatever I was talking about."

"Laurence listened carefully and gave constructive feedback. It felt like an excellent relationship where we both worked hard to address my difficulties."